X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
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    Sveučilište u Rijeci, Centar za mikro- i nanoznanosti i tehnologije
    Radmile Matejčić 2, Rijeka

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    SPECS XPS instrument

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    Princip rada i mjerna tehnika

    XPS instrument measures the energy of photoelectrons, produced when the surface of material is irradiated by monochromatic X-rays. In addition to elemental analysis of the surface of material, the small differences in the binding energy of emitted electrons, can also provide some chemical bonding information.

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    electron energy range: 0-2900 eV


    SPECS, Berlin, Germany

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    15 years

    Ostale tehničke karakteristike

    a) X-ray source with monochromator (FOCUS 500):
    - dual anode (Al/Ag) X-ray source – Al Kα (1486.74 eV) or Ag Lα (2984.3 eV)
    - monochromator - single crystal Quartz
    - focusing and non-focusing mode of operation
    b) precise XYZ manipulator samples holder with controlled heating and cooling
    c) hemispherical electron energy analyser (PHOIBOS 100 MCD-5):
    - 5 channel detector
    - mean radius of 100 mm
    - resolution of 0.85 eV (non-focusing mode) or 0.6 eV (focusing mode)
    d) electron gun (FG 500) – used for the neutralization of the surface charging effects
    d) ion gun for low-energy ions of inert and reactive gases (IQE 11/35) – energy range of 0.3 – 5 keV, produces ion beams with wide diameters, primarily used for ion implantation and sputtering
    e) ion gun for low-energy ions with differential pumping (IQE 12/38) - energy range of 0.3 – 5 keV, spot size of ion-beam:160 μm, ion beam scanning range in X-Y direction: ±5 mm, primarily used for precise etching and sputtering
    f) Residual Gas Analyser, RGA (Prisma Plus QMG 220)

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    SPECS XPS instrument
    SPECS XPS instrument
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