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    Modular FIA-SIA system is composed of several different components:
    -GlobalFIA miliGAT LP 4-pisto pump with infinity axle and a stepper motor for continuous flow. The role of the pumpi s to dispense and move fluis samples with analytical precision. Puping speed is 0.0005 - 167 μl/s.
    -Watson Marlow Alitea instrument quality peristaltic pump with very small pulsation effect which is secured by 10 rollers made o flow friction teflon. Pumping speed is 1 μl-34ml/minute.
    -Valco Vici Cheminert multi-position valve which is microcontroller-controled 18 position flow change valve.
    -Valco Vici Cheminert microcontroller-controlled 2-position injection valve.
    -LabJack U6 AD/DA multichannel converter which is used for digital and analog control of other components. In this system detection can be done either electrochemically or spectrosphotometrically.

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    Microfluidical analiysis of liquid samples with electrochemical or spectrophotometrical detection.

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    Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Odjel za kemiju
    Cara Hadrijana 8/A, Osijek


    Department of Analytical, Organic and Applied chemistry



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    cara Hadrijana 8/a


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    Assist. Prof.


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    In the simplest FIA systems, a single sample is injected into the carrier. As the sample moves "downstream", it disperses and due to the properties of the tube mixes with the reagent and a species is formed which is analyzed when the detector is reached. The detector records a given physical property that changes as it flows through the flow cell and the measurement is displayed as a peak. The height and area of ​​the picas are proportional to the concentration and are used to determine the unknown sample concentration relative to the samples of known concentrations. The average flow rate of the FIA ​​system is one milliliter per minute, the volume is about 100 μL per sample and the sampling rate is about two samples per minute.

    Sequential injection analysis (SIA) is a fast, accurate and efficient automated way of analyzing liquid samples. The method shares many similarities with flow analysis (FIA) and is therefore considered as an advanced version of the same. SIA solves all the shortcomings of the FIA ​​method because the system is simplified and significant savings are achieved in the cost and quantity of solutions. The biggest advantage of the SIA method of analysis is that no physical reconfiguration of the fluid path is required. All changes are made exclusively programmatically.


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    FIA-SIA Sistem
    FIA-SIA Sistem

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