Planetary micro mill

Planetary micro mill
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    Planetary micro mill

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    The planetary micro mill, ˝PULVERISETTE 7 premium line˝, can be applied universally for the dry or wet grinding of inorganic and organic samples for analysis, quality inspection or material testing. During the synthesis, the planetary micro mill is for mixing and homogenising dry samples, emulsions or suspensions. The source material is crushed and ground by grinding balls in a grinding bowl. The centrifugal forces from the rotation of the grinding bowls around their own axis and from the support disc have an effect on the contents of the grinding bowl, consisting of material to be ground and grinding balls. The grinding bowl and the support disc have opposite directions of rotation order that the cuntrifugal forces alternate in the same direction and in the opposite direction.

    Uža područja primjene

    synthesis of inorganic / organic materials

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    Solid state synthesis, shredding samples

    Project title

    Research of complex multiferroic materials prepared by solution chemistry methods (SOLFERROMAT)

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    Ključne riječi

    perovskite, tungsten, telluride

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    Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Odjel za kemiju
    Cara Hadrijana 8/A, Osijek


    Sub department of general, inorganic and physical chemistry and teaching methods in chemistry


    Physical chemistry research laboratory




    first floor, room 120

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    Anamarija Stanković, assistant






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    Pulverisette 7 Premium line

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    Princip rada i mjerna tehnika

    Place the solid sample with / without the addition of a little liquid (water, ethanol, ...) in 20 mL stainless steel containers with 5 mm diameter stainless steel balls. Programmed controlled time, rate and synthesis / comminution cycles.

    Radno i mjerno područje

    milling speed 100 rpm - 1200 rpm, time as needed



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    Grinding bowl 20ml stainless steel, with steel casing (2 pcs), grinding balls 5mm diameter stainless still (180 pcs).

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    Planetary micro mill
    Planetary micro mill

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